You can’t put a price on finding the perfect place to raise your family

I can’t adequately convey what Destiny Johnson means to my family, if I could canonize her, I would. My husband and I were tired of renting and wanted to buy a home that our family could make our own, but we were so intimidated by the whole process that it almost didn’t happen. We found a property candidate online, sucked up our courage, and called the number on the listing. It turned out that that wasn’t the right home for us, but I am so grateful we made that call, because that is how we found the Hali’s Angels team, which consists of Destiny Johnson, her best friend and fellow agent Veronica Saldana and Destiny’s mom, Broker Hali Gillin. From that very first meeting, we felt like they had taken us under their wings and were going to get us through this process. The more we talked to Destiny and Veronica, the more our stress level plummeted and we actually got excited about owning a home. After that first meeting our whole attitude changed. We walked away informed, confident and looking forward to this experience, and even hating our rental situation a little less as there was a light at the end of the tunnel. Through the whole process it felt like we had someone in our corner, genuinely looking out for our best interest. Destiny and Veronica projected such warmth and reassurance and pure competence that we trusted them implicitly and it was well rewarded. We initially had gone to our bank and were pre-approved for a loan, but once we found our home and began the purchase process, we found that our bank was going to charge around $1000 in fees. Destiny took one look at that and recommended a lender she often works with, Cheryl at Premier Mortgage Lending, who didn’t charge a single dollar to do our loan. She also got our loan done remarkably fast, getting us into our home 5 days before we expected escrow to close. I highly recommend Cheryl as well, she and her assistant Amanda were really pleasant to work with and were available for all of our questions (and there were quite a few). There were so many things along the process that we never would have anticipated on our own, much less known how to handle. If we had attempted this on our own, or with a less invested agent, I don’t know if we would have followed through with it, I wouldn’t be sitting in this gorgeous house right now, and my family wouldn’t have this perfect place to put down roots. The purchase process involves a lot of steps, and with every little thing that came up, Destiny got what she needed from us and handled it, we were constantly just blown away with how she made us feel taken care of, and how little we needed to worry about. If it sounds like I’m gushing….maybe I am, but I don’t think anything I can say would convey my gratitude and tell you how wonderful, kind and generous a person both Destiny and Veronica are. Not to mention you have 2 agents, both working so very hard to take care of your every need. And they are like super twins, whomever you work with at any point, you are getting the same outstanding experience. If you are stressed about finding a home, or the purchase process, please, Please call them and let them take care of you. This was our first time purchasing a home from a private seller, and I don’t know what level of care you would normally expect from a buyer’s agent, but I have a feeling that there aren’t too many other agents out there that will go to the lengths Destiny and her team will go to for you. They certainly couldn’t have done more. In my opinion, the most important thing for you to know about Hali’s Angels is they will bring their advanced level of expertise and extensive resources to your advantage, and make you feel safe and secure and well taken care of the entire way. Every person they put us into contact with, from the lender to the home inspector was professional, pleasant and competent. If I could give Destiny and Veronica each a million dollars, I would, they certainly earned it. You can’t put a price on finding the perfect place to raise your family, and what could have been a stressful, scary and difficult process went quickly, smoothly and we really didn’t have much to worry about, they just took care of us… for every single little thing. Everything that Destiny and Hali’s Angels does, from the moment they meet you, they do for you, professionally, and with competence, kindness and understanding the whole way. I feel like I made 2 new friends and I am so, so grateful that I made that first phone call, and I hope you do as well.