Utilities for Las Vegas & Henderson Nevada

If you are planning your move to Las Vegas or Henderson, Nevada, here is a list of utilities companies you will need to contact. 


NV Energy 702-402-5555



Las Vegas Valley Water District—702-870-4194

North Las Vegas* 702-633-1484

Henderson * 702- 267-5900 (Sewer & Water are combined)

Boulder City * 702- 293-9266



SouthWest Gas 877- 860-6020



Clark County Water Reclamation 702-434-6600

Las Vegas * 702-229-1289

North Las Vegas * 702-633-1484

Boulder * 702-293-9266



Republic Services 702-735-5151


Schedule After Closing Date



Cox Communications 702-383-4000

Embarq 702-244-7400

Direct TV 855-793-5060

Century Link  866-544-3352


Please note those with an asterisk* are closed on Fridays so plan accordingly.


Please contact your agent if you have any questions about which companies do or do not apply to your property.